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Continuous Licensing Annual Filings

Continuous licences do not have an expiry date, however, licensees must make annual filings to Council. The filing date is the same for all licensees, including corporations and partnerships, regardless of the class of licence held. The filing date is June 1st annually.

Filings for 01 JUN 2016 will no longer be accepted. If your licence was terminated effective 03 AUG 2016 for not filing, you must now submit a REAPPLICATION.

The licence certificate you have is a continuous licence (i.e. there is no expiry date). As long as the licensee continues to file annually as required, does not terminate the licence, or does not change the information on the licence, further licence certificates are not required nor will one be issued by Council. A new licence certificate is not printed when a filing is processed. You may go to the Search Licensees section to determine the status of a licence, including whether a current filing has been processed, by looking under the Next Filing Date on the licence display.