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Life licensing exam Pass Rates by Course Provider.

Harmonized LLQP Course Provider

The current list of Harmonized LLQP Course Providers approved in British Columbia can be found at Links and Contacts under LLQP Education Providers.

Effective January 1, 2016 - You must successfully complete the Harmonized LLQP Course through a Council approved Harmonized LLQP course provider, you must have a CIPR number, and successful completion of the course must be confirmed by Council before you can schedule an exam.

Open Book Exam - Tablet Instructions - Electronic Study Material

The Harmonized LLQP exam is an open-book exam. During exam sessions, examinees will be given access to the standardized exam preparation material on an electronic tablet. The Tablet User Guide outlines the tablet features that examinee may wish to use to complete their exam.

Tablet User Guide - Document

Tablet User Guide - Video

Examinee Information Guides and Exam Registration Form

The Harmonized LLQP Examinee Information Guides provide information you need to know about exam registration, scheduling, and preparing for exam day, as well as other information you need to know. If after reading this guide, you have any questions, please contact Council's office.

Harmonized LLQP Examinee Information Guide - Vancouver - Registration Form
Harmonized LLQP Examinee Information Guide - Outside of Vancouver - Registration Form

Exam Schedules

Council’s Exam Schedules will assist you in choosing an examination date. This information is updated regularly, so check back immediately before scheduling an examination date to ensure you have the most current exam schedule.

Vancouver Exam Schedule
Outside of Vancouver Exam Schedule
Examination Fee Schedule

For further information on the Harmonized LLQP visit

Information on the LLQP is updated regularly, please check back often for the most current information.

Further information on licensing qualifications can be found at Licence Qualification.